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April 2, 2015

Viktor Alexander, a luxury Maison inspired by the glory and glamour of dynastic jewellery is set to unveil their debut collection this March 2015 with beginning with their foundational Romanov collection. Comprising of The Alix, The Eternity and The Veles is a homage to Russian Crown Jewels residing today in the Armoury at Moscow Kremlin. The line of gem-set exotic skin bracelets ranging from USD 300 to lush bespoke piece uniques valued at USD 18,500, are each individually hand crafted and decorated with precious stones, a stunning combination of luxury fashion and jewellery. 
Viktor Alexander collection is selling fast when first launched at Singapore, I got a chance to spend the day at The Watch Atelier at Bangsar , luxury jewellery/watches and antique heaven,to attended Viktor Alexander Launching Preview last week.
Artisans at Viktor Alexander personally select each exotic skin for elegance of grain and quality before hand-cutting and production of each bracelet begins. After that Master Jewellers at the Maison who then hand polish and decorate each of the precious metal coronets tips set with a range of semi-precious stones such as garnets, topaz, citrine to precious stones like sapphire, rubies, diamonds and emeralds, using only the highest quality conflict free gems for adornment.

Each piece is precious and unique due to the texture and grain of the skins but highly discerning customers looking for bespoke editions can request for customisable piece uniques with their preferred selection of stones as well.
The Alix, Eternity and Veles is named for one of history’s most romantic and tragic love affairs between the English and Russian Royal Houses. 
The Alix - Named after the object of Nicholas's affection, Viktor Alexander's first royal commissioned piece of jewellery with bangle tips reminiscent of the English crown, is further decorated with sapphires and rubies.It was this piece of jewellery which fanned the flames of Nicholas and Alexandra's (Alix) long distance romance.
The Eternity - The circle of twin sceptres represent the unity of two history's most notable Royal Houses (The Windsors and The Romanovs)
The Veles - God of Life and Death to the ancient Slavs, ancestors to the modern Russians, the collection encompasses the rich diversity of legendary creatures represented by dragons, eagles and panthers among other creatures as well as exquisite skulls adore with precious stones, representing the dramatic end of one the world's greatest love stories.
My favorites included Owls and Eagles design of The Veles. I am so impressed with the details of handwork, variety of semi-precious stones, colors and design to choose. The beautiful color you wear should complement your skin tone, so i do suggest to choose colors which work best on you. If you want to be cool, skull design might be your choice? =)
Luxury collection of The Veles as the eyes of animal is made by red rubies. 
If customer loves to be unique, they can request for customise with their preferred semi-precious stones or gem like diamond.
The Oroboro - is a manifestation of the natural and supernatural forces of the world, crystallised in semi-precious stones like moonstone, lapis lazuli and malachite,bound together with the highest quality elastic "astral strands" to create the infinite beauty of the Oroboro beaded bracelet.
I am wearing jewellery of Viktor Alexander.
The Watch Atelier is a luxury watches boutique in a standalone marble and sandstone building along the Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.There are exquisite and rare timepieces but also art pieces in The Watch Atelier, even Reuge Music Boxes can be found here!
The Olbia ( RM450,000.00+) ,music box in burr vavona with birds, winged creatures inlaid in wood and mother-of-pearl. Birds are Blue Tit, Great Tit & European Crested Tit ,Winged creatures are dragonfly, butterfly & ladybug. Limited Edition of 12 pieces and The Watch Atelier is proud to have number 1.
As a Jewellery house reborn, Viktor Alexander aims to cater to a wide array of segments with affordable luxury crafts to haute de gamme bespoke high jewellery pieces.A newly introduced, and very exciting, addition to Viktor Alexander at The Watch Atelier.
115, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Website :
Facebook and Instagram : viktoralexanderofficial 

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