Furkids Day @ Pet Fiesta

April 12, 2015

It's seem like long time didn't bring them go to pets fair, i can't bring them go alone especially at pets fair, Princess V always out of my control (she will barking to kids). Heard that Pet Fiesta held on 10-12 Apr, ask along my sister and her bf and yesh! we went there yesterday!!! 
Our first time to go Pet Fiesta and i do not know large breed dog is not allow to go indoor and small breed have to hand carry, i bought tickets (RM5/adult) before pass by main entrance, nobody tell me this and no notice show up at ticket counter(no shown ticket price also). haiz...i bought 3 tickets, waste my money!!! There are pets stroller for rent but it is only available for small and medium breeds and gosh their rental is RM80! OMG!!! why don't you snatch my wallet straight away?!!! End up, i bring Princess V go in to buy some snacks and we chilled out at outside.
Non-stop photo shooting XD

Golden Dou Dou with my sister's bf
Unexpected Princess V didn't bark to kids when those kiddos pass by her and touch her head also! i was shocked when i saw kids touch her head because this fierce princess will immediately attack one! God bless that she still pretending as a doll and let kids touch her and take picture. Good girl =)
Alright, the end of our tiring outing day =)
If you have pets, please spend your time with them. They needs your love so much! Don't be an irresponsible pets owner, try to think now, have you play with them this week?

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