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June 11, 2013

Hong Kong is a must destination for me to visit every year at least once.

I will bought all skin products for a year usage, sweep all flat shoes at my favorite brand.

[ 21-24/5/2013 ]

First day first night, 2am 

Lightning non stop, i can see clearly even though outside is darkness. 
fulmination, thunderstorm came after that.
i can't even sleep , because thunder is horrible loudly and never stop until 5am. *yawn*
Whole picture in my mind is - the end of world -

Second day, 9 am
Woke up and checked breaking news from TV.
Oh no! 
Mudslide and heavy flood everywhere at outskirts.
Government announced Hong Kong is in Black level thunderstorm warning! Black level is the most worst situation and this is the first time in 3 years.

11am , luckily black warning was change to yellow warning which is mild level. 
We finally can go out to have our breakfast and shopping! * really very hungry!*

I will not forgot this special experience 

Without lightning or heavy rain

I believed a lots of peoples addicted on this suddenly recently. I have no idea what is the reason but i know why i like it, because normally macaroons are taste very sweet and if filling taste no good, it will spoil whole thing.

Laduree , the only brand i love because it is not so sweet compare with others and of course taste superb!
The packaging is so lovely, they will change design monthly. So if you are so in love with their packaging, you will non stop to chasing their collection. the top too,haha ==!!

Hong Kong price are slightly expensive than Sydney ( bought it last time when i travelled Aussie)

Bought one bag from there and it is limited edition.

Another restaurant i must go, Tsui Wah restaurant.

Kagoshima Pork Cartilage w/ Tossed Instant Noodles , milk tea, crispy bun served with condensed milk, fish ball noodles in fish soup is a must to eat!

Nowadays, Malaysians are know well about this brand 
- Hui Lau Shan -

But i don't like to eat at Malaysia, mangoes are too sour > <

Hong Kong Hui Lau Shan is the best, mangoes are good smell and sweet. Yum YUm!!

Regarding my Hong Kong friend recommends, this is a very old style and traditional hong kong cafe
- 喜喜冰室 -

You can't imagine this old style cafe is in Causeway Bay and Hermes/ Chenal/ I.T individual building are surrounding it.

Black sesame toast

Every time i went Hong Kong, sure i will go at least one time for my steamboat dinner. I am so scarfing with their beef cube.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The peoples who work as explain on Divination are so rude!

Met this little cute when i bought souvenir for my furkids

Duck! Ducky!! Rubber Ducky!!!

All of my buddies know i am a mad ducky lover!
I am so lucky can see it when i go Hong Kong.
Aww... it is really so so cute and lovely!
I can't leave it ......

The end of my Hong Kong place visited.

Next post - skin care and cosmetic products bought in Hong Kong

Stay tuned. XoXo

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