Heineken Refresh cross-genre music event 2024

June 30, 2024

Heineken® has once again delivered its promise of providing refreshing experiences, captivating nearly 18,000 attendees at Heineken® Refresh cross-genre music event at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.
This is my first time to join this kind of music event, overall the experience is great. Surf Beach is spacious enough to fit in 18,000 people and we don't feel uncomfortable in a crowd. Thanks god the weather is very good, we enjoyed the music meanwhile drinking the cooling Heineken in this hot night.

The second instalment of Heineken® Refresh saw enthusiastic fans eager to elevate the way music is shared, inspiring them to break their musical bubbles and explore fresh sounds. Pushing the boundaries of live music events, Heineken® Refresh featured refreshing innovations that surprised and delighted fans.
World Top DJ Alok from Brazil was brought by Heineken® to headline the event, marking his first performance in Malaysia. Known for his genre-bending Brazilian Bass production style, 
Alok’s hour-long set featured a unique blend of spanning genres, including the best R&B, Hip Hop and chart-topping EDM hits. There wasn’t a dull moment, and it got fans hyped up to see him perform for the first time. Heineken® Refresh also featured regional superstars WUKONG, renowned for his Oriental Rave, and Malaysia’s very own Blink, an iconic artist celebrated for his ever-evolving style. 
WUKONG roused the crowd by delivering an electrifying electronic bass set infused with Chinese influences. 
Blink brought his signature fresh twist through a sensational collaborative performance featuring a 20-piece orchestra covering chart-topping EDM hits and shifting things up again with special guests Glenn Yong and Victoria. Co-curated by Blink and Heineken®, they delivered an extraordinary cross-genre spectacle of EDM beats met with symphonic orchestrations that left the audience in awe.
In a testament to Heineken®'s spirit of innovation, the event showcased an interactive live voting feature fittingly called the Heineken® Music Takeover, introduced during Mr Yang B2B Ashley Lau and MJ’s sets. By integrating LED wristbands with technology, attendees synchronised or changed colours in response to signals, allowing the crowd to influence genre selections in real-time collectively. This dynamic interaction seamlessly bridged the gap between artists and audiences.
Heineken® Refresh is part of Heineken®’s cross-genre global music campaign, 'Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights.’ Earlier this year, the campaign introduced Heineken® Fresh List, an innovative digital activation in partnership with Spotify that broke the barriers of musical taste. It encouraged listeners to broaden their horizons by recommending them music outside their usual and was followed by a series of in-outlet activations, culminating in this spectacular finale. Accessible through the Heineken® Refresh Hub platform at https://www.freshlist.withspotify.com/ the unique Heineken® Refreshing Algorithm empowers fans to blend their playlists with global EDM superstar Martin Garrix and local heroes Uriah and Ashley Lau.
While this year’s exhilarating Heineken® Refresh event may have come to a close, the thrill of shattering musical boundaries and uncovering fresh music with your beloved artists is still within reach as fans eagerly anticipate what Heineken® will bring next!

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