Matcha Eight with 8 levels flavour intensity @ Lalaport BBCC

April 7, 2022

Calling all hardcore Matcha fans!
Have you heard about the recent Matcha craze in town? 

There's a new Matcha ice cream store opened at LaLaport BBCC. The Matcha craze is not just a fad and it's here to stay but somehow i couldn't find my favourite one in Malaysia as i found most of the Matcha ice cream taste is either too sweet or not strong enough with 'authentic tea taste'. Well~ I am glad that i finally found a Matcha ice cream store which offering various of flavour intensity from mild to strong. 

For some of my Instagram followers, you might already know that as i share out last year. 

Matcha Eight, which launched in April 2021 by selling pints online via delivery, because of the pandemic lockdown. Now, they opened a physical shop in LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)
Located on the G floor, the gourmet street (same row as Starbucks). It isn't a big shop, with a limited few seats outside the shop and more to offer for to go/ take out.

In an exclusive partnership with Michelin-starred Master Chef Takuji Takahashi from Kyoto, made of the finest single origin tea imported from Wazuka town in Kyoto Prefecture, Matcha Eight brings to town 100% natural and artisanal Japanese tea ice cream crafted with original recipe by Master Chef Takuji Takahashi. He masterfully devised each recipe for Matcha Eight ice cream without adding additives and preservatives, so what you get is fresh and natural, authentic and premium Japanese tea ice cream that lifts up your mood and puts a smile on your face.

It is also the first Japanese tea ice cream in Malaysia offering Sencha, Matcha and Hojicha series. They have eight levels of different intensity, from lighter Sencha to deep Matcha and richer Hojicha. 

Here's a quick guide that help you to choose whichever suits your taste buds. You can also ask the staff to explain, they are friendly =)

Lovesick Girl (light Sencha)
It has a light taste with a smooth grassy aroma.

Soulmate (medium Sencha)
The right balance of sweetness and bitterness of Matcha, followed by a slightly richer of Sencha aroma than its Lovesick Girl counterpart.

Maybe It's Love (light Matcha)
This mild and creamy taste of Matcha is perfect for those who don’t like overly sweet as the bitterness of the Matcha is perfect for balancing out all the sugar.

Matcha Me Tonight (medium Matcha)
It is medium sweet with a fine creamy texture, specially curated for those who seek authentic Japanese Matcha ice cream without bitter aftertaste. 

Hocus Matcha-cus (strong Matcha, bitter aftertaste)
Mildly sweet with a richer aroma of Matcha, try this if you love Matcha ice cream with bitter aftertaste. 

Melodrama Queen (strong Matcha, tea aftertaste)
The richest Matcha ice cream you can ever taste in town! Strong Matcha ice cream with Sencha aftertaste.

Hojilicious (light roasted Sencha)
Do you know when Sencha is roasted at the temperature of 200°C, it will transforms into Hojicha. However, this Hojicha ice cream is not bitter at all. It's light, creamy and pleasingly sweet that well loved by adults and kids who are fond of roasted tea ice cream! 

Ho Ho Hoji (strong roasted Sencha)
Taste like a double shot of Hojilicious, it has strong roast bitterness yet acceptable.

I'm a big fan of Sencha and Hojicha, so I had ordered 1 scoop of Hojilicious in cup and 1 scoop of Soulmate in charcoal cone.

On top of my Hojilicious ice cream, i've required to added on red bean paste and mochi as the toppings. Nutty and a little bit smoky is what comes to mind first, It's not as bitter as regular Matcha and with aromatic roasted tea aftertaste. Frankly to say, i was worried that will it be too sweet after add on the toppings. It is not overly sweet at all! Love the mochi's texture which has a really chewy mouthfeel while the red bean paste has a pleasant fragrance. Oh gosh, it remind me of Japan. 

Please take note : Toppings are only available for cup orders. 

I've add on gold flakes on my Soulmate in cone, you can choose either sakura or stars shape. To make it looks more unique, i've choose sakura shaped. This Soulmate has a delicate Sencha taste with a great balance of flavor and astringency, eating this on a hot day makes me feel so refreshing.

|| Pricing ||
Per scoop : RM13 - RM16

Base : 
- Cup (free)
- Cone (+RM2)

Toppings : 
- red bean paste (+RM2)
- mochi (+RM2)
- sakura/ stars gold flakes (+RM5)

The day i visited is weekday as i was told that there's a long queue on weekends and flavours selling out fast, and the timing i choose is after lunch (2-3pm) which is lesser people on weekday. If you would like to go on weekend, my suggestion is pay a visit in morning to avoid any disappointment.
Between, you can also purchase the pints from their official website so you can enjoy their delicious Ice cream all in the comfort of your own home!

Matcha Eight 
Lot G-68, Ground Floor, Lalaport, Jalan Hang Tuah, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (10am - 10pm) 

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