ZCOVA: Best Place to Customise your Perfect Engagement Ring in Malaysia

November 25, 2021

Diamonds are forever, ageless, timeless. They also represent a gesture of love spanning generations.

Have you considered designing your own engagement ring? Well~ a diamond is a huge investment and one you'll want to research a lot before purchase. Designing engagement rings has never been easy. Diamond ring shopping definitely is exciting but can I say that is a tiring task also? There are so many options to choose from in a retail space, spending hours walking from store to store in search of your perfect ring.

In this article, I would like to share a site that made it incredibly easy to customise your proposal rings by selecting your preferences in the comfort of your own home.

On the ZCOVA website, you can browse through all of the different styles while looking through 250,000 different diamonds and gemstones. You can get a better understanding of every aspect of a diamond ring because ZCOVA’s consultants are ever ready to assist you anytime, anywhere with the online platform.

|| Why ZCOVA ? ||

ZCOVA has created an online shopping experience that is equally as easy as stepping into their showroom.

As you click through the filters while choosing your ideal diamond or ring setting style, you can select your price range and customise your preferred diamond specifications, like 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat), symmetry, polish and fluorescence. For the ring casing, you can choose from ZCOVA’s in-house designs, solitaire, pave, halo, vintage, etc. in your choice of 18K yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

1. Guaranteed brilliant dual-certified (GIA & GemEx) LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamonds

If you want a diamond that is guaranteed beautiful without paying a premium price, this is the place for you!

Only one in a thousand diamonds make the cut to become LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamonds - that’s how rare truly beautiful diamonds are.
ZCOVA is the only company in Malaysia and Singapore to offer dual certificates from GIA and GemEx to guarantee exceptional quality and superior brilliance.

*GemEx is the global leader in diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle Certification, with a grading system to measure the diamond's beauty.

2. Price Match Guarantee
Why are diamond prices different everywhere? Actually, the diamond prices are inflated due to middle-men, inventory, shop rental, branding etc. ZCOVA eliminates the middle-men section of the supply chain and unnecessary costs to offer customers lower prices.

They also practise transparent pricing on their website so you can compare between 150,000 diamonds freely and choose wisely. If you find the same diamond with a comparable price elsewhere, let them know and they will not only honour the price but will offer you a lower price.

3. 360-degree video technology

When buying diamonds, you want to make sure the quality is excellent. ZCOVA’s 10x magnified 360-degree videos make it so easy to check each diamond and gemstone closely before purchasing. Get an excellent understanding of your diamond's quality in every angle for a hassle-free buying experience.

4. Get your own ZCOVA Consultant
As first-time diamond buyers, I’m sure the process seems confusing and scary. That’s why ZCOVA will assign you a consultant, who will then follow you through the whole process from diamond education, picking the best diamond, designing your ring and after-sales service.

Your consultant will also perform a 3-point check to verify the diamond with you. All ZCOVA diamonds have their GIA number laser inscribed on their girdle and you can double-check the diamond’s report on the GIA website.

5. Fully insured and secure delivery
All international orders are fully insured by luxury goods logistics company, Malca-Amit or Brinks. Meanwhile, all domestic orders within Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak are fully insured by Liberty Insurance. Every jewellery is shipped in ZCOVA’s signature Delivery Box, accompanied by all related documents, including the diamond certificate (if applicable).

6. Lifetime warranty provided
Every purchase from ZCOVA is backed by a lifetime warranty so your experience is worry-free!

7. Free customisation by in-house jewellery designers
If you rather design your own ring, ZCOVA prides themselves in unmatched service, with just 3 simple and easy steps!

Create your own ring setting design, add your initials, change the gold colour, anything you want. Customisation is completely free-of-charge and there are no hidden charges. Enjoy the free services including resizing, engraving and global insured shipping.

|| How It Works? ||
No worries, with ZCOVA your ring customisation experience is so simple and easy!

Step 1 : Share your ideas or send them sketches / samples of your dream ring.

For ring customisation, please do not send them photos from other brands like CxxTxxR or Txxxxxx & Cx because that is considered imitation.

Custom design means you can personalise every detail including :

- Your style (simple, bold, delicate)
- Setting type (Solitaire, pave, halo, 3-stone, etc.)
- Add in elements (flower, rose, heart shape, etc.)
- Add in coloured gemstones
- Personalise with your name or initial

If you need advice on your design, do not hesitate to get honest recommendations from their GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Step 2 : Confirm your design

After receiving your idea, ZCOVA's in-house jewellery designers will create 3D renders of your dream diamond engagement ring and send them to you via your preferred communication channel (WhatsApp, Facebook, email, etc.). From the 3D render, you can see your design in every angle. You can change parts of the ring you do not like, such as making the band thinner, taller setting, changing 4 prong to 6 prong, etc.

Step 3 : Pre-try your rings

Once you are okay with the 3D render, ZCOVA will send you free 3D printed rings of your custom design to try on.
You can refer to their website for the 3D print terms & conditions.

If you're unable to drop by the showroom, they will also send you free 3D print ring sizers to check your finger size.
ZCOVA is the only brand in Malaysia to offer 3D print services and this service is specially for custom-made jewellery designs.

The 3D printed rings will be in detail with the same design up to the same diamond/gemstone carat weight.

Apart from the colour, there are no differences at all between 3D printed rings and the real rings in 18K gold.
Hence, you are able to visualise your rings and try them on your hand.

Once you’re satisfied with the 3D Print ring, ZCOVA will finalise the design in 18K Gold. You can collect your proposal ring at the ZCOVA showroom or get it delivered to your doorstep with their fully insured and secure delivery service.

Visit the ZCOVA website to start designing your own perfect custom-made engagement ring with the ease of simple steps, to create a unique treasure that can last forever.

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