Filorga NCEF-SHOT, 10-day anti-ageing treatment

August 11, 2021

Filorga is taking another step towards excellence in cellular regeneration and has created NCEF-SHOT that boost the skin with new cells in just 10 days!

This supreme polyrevitalising concentrate combines the effectiveness of the NCEF®star technology at its highest concentration with a powerful complex derived from marine biotechnology. Every day, the skin receives a dose of active ingredients equivalent to 1 meso-injection. It is rich in proteins and marine exopolysaccharides, this super complex helps to reinforce the adhesion of cells to the matrix or to each other, increasing their capacity to divide. By boosting the production of new cells, the skin’s regeneration process is reactivated.
In just 10 days, this treatment regenerates cells and activates new cells for exceptional anti-ageing results: 
1. skin quality is visibly improved
2. the complexion is illuminated
3. wrinkles are smoothed
4. the skin regains its firmness and elasticity
Its ultra-light texture instantly absorbs into the skin and can be incorporated into any skincare routine. 

How to use : Use generously under serum or your usual moisturiser, ideally when the seasons change or when the skin is stressed or looks tired!

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