Fine Dining on Limited Budget in Singapore

October 21, 2020

If there’s one place that every foodie will definitely fall in love with, it’d have to be Singapore. It’s an island that never runs out of dining options, from local street food down to expensive fancy restaurants. 

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Conde Nast Traveler even calls Singapore a food-obsessed island with great restaurants always lurking around the corner, proving that food is a huge part of the island’s identity. 

However, being a foodie in Singapore isn’t a cheap venture as most of the dining options are really expensive... but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy fine dining on a limited budget. 

Luckily, there are quite a few affordable dining spots on the island that allow everyone to experience what fine dining in Singapore is without emptying their wallets. Some of these restaurants would even offer three-course meals for as low as $50!


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Mitzo is a famous Chinese restaurant in Singapore that aims to provide a new different dining experience. While most of what’s on their menu is indeed expensive, Mitzo makes sure that there are still affordable options for customers. 

We recommend trying out its signature barbeque pork, which costs only $18. It’s also one of its customers’ favourite dishes, so it’s guaranteed to be a good one. 

Other options worth trying out and sharing are the dim sum platters, made up of different pairs of steamed dumplings. There’s also the stir-fried udon, served with a generous portion of roast duck. 

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If you’re craving Italian cuisine, we recommend checking out Prego, one of the restaurants nestled inside Fairmont Hotel. 

You might be wondering why I included an expensive hotel restaurant in this list. Well, it’s because we found a way to eat there for a cheaper price. 

If you go to Prego between 5pm-6pm, you can avail of Prego’s high-end Italian cuisine for $18 for 2 courses and pizzas and other mains for an additional $7. Not bad, right?

Xin Divine
Xin Divine is another Chinese restaurant that puts a twist on their menu: by infusing it with modern European influences. It’s worth checking out for the fact that all its dishes are not like what you would expect from a Chinese restaurant. 

If you can spare a little more for a fancier meal, you might want to try its 4-course lunch set, which costs a little over $49. It comes with a main course, appetizer, soup, staple, and dessert.

If you’re looking for meals around $50, we recommend ordering the Szechuan-style tortellini, made up of parcels of Kurobuta pork wrapped in handmade skin soaked in Sichuan chilli. 

Long Chim
Long Chim is a Thai restaurant located at Marina Bay Sands, headed by the renowned David Thompson. If you thought that every item on its menu would be expensive as it’s run by a famous chef, then you’re wrong!

Long Chim offers 2-course lunch meals for only $25. One of their must-try dishes is the Chiang Mai curried noodle soup, a dish with an explosion of fragrance from the piquant spice base, mixed with tender chicken, and a generous garnish of pickles and herbs. 

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If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the island while eating Italian food, then Zafferano is the restaurant you’re looking for! It’s located on the 43rd floor of Collyer Quay, providing diners a gorgeous view of Singapore’s skyline. 

We don’t recommend going during night-time as its dinner menu usually ranges from $70 to $128+ per meal... but there’s a way to taste their meals without spending that much money on a single meal. 

If you drop by Zafferano between 5:30PM to 7:30PM, you get a taste of their version of fine dining through the Sunset Dinner option, priced for only $55. Once you’ve tried how delicious their dishes are, we guarantee that you will be coming back for more!

That’s it for our list of the restaurants to check out when you want to try fine dining in Singapore but on a limited budget! 

As a final note to prevent yourself from splurging when eating out, always remember that unlocking the secrets of spending less at fancy restaurants doesn’t mean you’re no longer going to watch what you’re eating. Yes, trying out food at restaurants is one of the best feelings in Singapore, but we must always control what we’re eating. 

According to the specialists at Gastroenterologist Singapore, regularly dining at restaurants isn’t advisable as most of the dishes aren’t really considered balanced meals. 

Anyway, if you know other restaurants that should’ve been in our list, don’t hesitate to share their names with us! We always love to hear what other foodies have to say.

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