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January 19, 2019

From 17-19 Jan 2019, Dutch Lady is having a booth at MITEC to let public to experience the excellent Dutch Lady Perfect Serve of cuppa and grab some quick knowledge about their milk and brewing methods. I was invited for a hands-on experience to make a good coffee with Dutch Lady, the official milk of Malaysia Latte Art Championship and Malaysia Barista Championship from 2019-2020.
You can’t have a great coffee without great milk because a quality milk can make a big difference to the way a coffee taste. Dutch Lady understands the science behind milk that is best for the discerning coffee lovers. 
Therefore, Dutch Lady Pasteurised Fresh is made with generations of Dutch dairy expertise and quality standards, produce a silky smooth froth for that is stable and cosistent, ideal for latte art. 
Follows the stringent internal and external quality standards, Dutch Lady Pasteurised Fresh ensures the high safety and quality. Its rich and creamy taste gives you a superior frothing for a perfect cup of coffee, for both hot and cold beverage applications. 
Of course, the flawless art on a latte doesn't happen by accident. It's the art of being attentive to every single step in crafting the best coffee experience, a good barista makes good coffee great. 
Ramjeet Kaur Virik, Marketing Director Consumer Dairy 
During the event, i learned a lot about how to mastering the perfect serve. Just a simple and basic 4S that you should remember :
Angle the half-filled jug at an angle until the steam wand is 2mm under the milk's surface. 

Lift up the jug to start the swirling process. Listen out as the milk will begin to hiss as it reaches 60°C- 65°C.

With close attention given to stretching and swirling the milk, it is now perfectly frothed and textured to serve the perfect coffee.

Reap the benefits of making Ducth Lady milk as the quality milk partner because they understand the figures behind every cup of milk-based coffee to maximise the profits and optimise the value of the partnership.
With 140 years of Dutch dairy expertise, also owned by one of the largest dairy co-operative in the world, Dutch Lady is committed to sustainable production of milk and raising the standards of living to help Malaysians move forward in life with trusted dairy nutrition.
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