Time for 2 Wheels (LOHAS lifestyle) @ Taiwan!

March 31, 2015

Taiwan, i think everyone here should know it. May be you doesn't know about their culture but you must know Taiwanese celebrities and foods! I went there last year, but schedule was very pack and i can't enjoy and explore this beautiful country. =( If can, i wish to LOHAS at Taiwan!
What is LOHAS? Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is a demographic defining a particular market segment related to sustainable living, "green" ecological initiatives, and generally composed of a relatively upscale and well-educated population segment.(by Wikipedia)
Taiwan is a wonderful country, has a city that never sleeps, rich natural ecology, variety of foods, traditional culture and buildings, friendly peoples and trendy fashion! Taiwan is doing very well to keeping traditional Chinese culture alive, you can experience their traditional festival or walk at their old streets with traditional snack foods. No doubt, LOHAS is one of the good idea to visit Taiwan.
Hey, make your trip special and differently ok? All of us are too stress to facing many problem in a day, city peoples don't always stay in the city, try to getaway to explore the beauty of nature! Take a deep deep breath, pick yourself up and start all over again!
Taiwan tourism hottest LOHAS trend is cyclingRound-island cycling and bicycle tourism have also become very popular. With the perfect facilities of rest stops, service stores for repairs and tune-ups all across the island, Taiwan is truly an ideal place for cycling enthusiasts worldwide to experience bicycle tourism. Do not worry round-island cycling is troublesome and cause you exhausted, it is meaningful to explore the hidden gem of Taiwan by using your 2 legs. Getaway from bad pollution city, use that 2 wheels to enjoy your freedom at highway, explore the hidden gem(its numerous mountains, forests, wetlands and oceans, and find an incredible collection of natural ecosystems) at countryside, smell the cleanest air surrounding you!You will be amazed!
Recently Hong Kong TVB drama 衝線(Young Charioteers) story line is talking about cycling and some are filmed in Taiwan.It's trend now!

If you are not interested or don't know to cycling, if you want to get a close look at the island's beauties without headache to the troubles of get lost and traffic jam, i would suggest another faster and more relaxing transport which is Taiwan high speed rail + Taiwan railway. Take Taiwan high speed rail from city to countryside and change to Taiwan railway, Taiwan's railways offer an endless variety of experience, and the scenery lining their routes provides an infinite range of fantastic scenery, what you need to do is choose a railroad tour and immerse yourself in the delights of enchanting coastlines, mountains, placid farmlands, and engrossing countryside.
Enjoy the pretties flowers in different seasons! 
Enjoy the blue sky and deep blue sea like HuaLien!
Taiwan is one of the best places in the world for enjoying a healthful and relaxing soak in refreshing mineral waters.This is so awesome if i can enjoy hot spring where surrounding by mountain and listening the sound of water. You might try yoga in natural scenery (the perfect place for you to harmonize your body and purify your soul) if you wish to reduce your anxiety.
Discovery of their old styled street and culture.
Get closer to the animals and nature.
You can't miss their night market with uncountable delicious foods!
I really wish to relax during my trip, take a soak in hot spring, enjoy cup of chinese tea in mountain, feel "LOHAS" in Taiwanese way!

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