A Merry Christmas

December 10, 2012

Year 2012, everyone is worrying the end of the world when in December month, i think mostly peoples are not welcoming christmas in this year. I am worrying too but what for ? Instead of worrying, sad, all negative emotion disturbing you everyday until the end of life, why not spend your life time happily?

I love Christmas!

It is December when you see christmas trees everywhere. 

Christmas Tree in Sunway Hotel. 

Is bear bear having pre christmas dinner with love?

Birdie is change to red new cloth too. 

Don't forgot to bring surprise to your beloved. 

Huge bunny can't wait to jump out for christmas celebration in Pavilion.

Me and my beloved

My outfit 
Tops : Topshop
Pants : Miss Selfridge
Shoes : Zara

Me and sister

All pastas!  

This is a pizza =)

 Love box

My Outfit
Tops : Miss Selfridge
Pants : Zara
Shoes : Maud Frizon

Merry Christmas!

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