La Colline NativAge Facial Massage Treatment

April 14, 2018

With the increase of pollution levels and concerns, it not only effect on environment but also on skin condition. Apart from damaging of sun exposure, the smog, particulate matter can also wreak havoc on your skin. All these toxins can lead to premature visible signs of aging, hence there are many beauty brands launch "anti-pollution" skincare and definitely this is the latest beauty trend now.

Have you heard about La Colline? 
La Colline were founded in 1997 in a natural setting of rare purity: the sheltered valley of the Rhone River in the Valais Canton of Switzerland. It is a premium skincare brand that offering products of the highest quality backed by top-level technical expertise, much like the Swiss watchmaking industry. Their product price range is almost similar with Lamer, which is considered a luxury skincare brand.
Recently, La Colline launched the dual innovation at the heart of their new anti-aging formula: NATIVAGE. Based on the most recent breakthroughs in the fight against cutaneous aging, NATIVAGE is the first comprehensive anti-aging skincare to offer the ultra-effective action of Eco-Regeneration. Its action is supplemented by the three properties of the new CMAGE® Complex: oxygenation, hydration and protection. The cells' optimal metabolism is restored and the results are fast, visible and spectacular. 
La Colline’s NativAge range including :
NativAge La Creme (50ml Jar | RP: RM1949)
NativAge Le Sérum (50ml Airless-bottle | RP: RM2199) 
NativAge Eye La Creme (15ml Jar | RP: RM1399)
I was invited to enjoy the exclusive La Colline NativAge Facial Massage Treatment at SaSa Sunway Pyramid.

Thanks to SaSa special arrangement, this facial massage treatment is special conduct by Miss Jessica Ecolasse who is international trainer & retail developer from Europe.

 As the treatment progresses, time seems to stand still. Miss Jessica Ecolasse did a basic face cleaning regimen, included remove makeup, face wash, face scrub etc. The climax comes with the gently massage by using La Colline products whose moisturizing, regenerating and revitalizing properties ideally prepare the skin for the exceptional effects of NATIVAGE. Applied according to a carefully codified ritual to optimize its action, its smooth texture permeates the skin with the Eco-Regenerating power. At the meanwhile, most of the La Colline products are come with soft, light and delicate fragrance (smell like Jasmine scent) that creates a soothing atmosphere and i feel so relaxing.
I really enjoyed how Miss Jessica Ecolasse massage my face, i felt it loosen my tight and drawn muscles. 
Hand massage while doing mask.
This facial massage treatment took about 1 hour, it is truly a pleasant and relaxing spa-like experience. I feel fresh, stress-free, and rejuvenated. La Colline NativAge Facial Massage Treatment help to energized and ideally oxygenated, also boost up the hydration and protection, i can feel my skin more radiant, better hydrated, firmer, softer and more youthful-looking with a healthy glow. The result on my skin are impressively visible. For your info, this treatment is only exclusive for me on the day, it is not available in SaSa. However, you can purchase La Colline NativAge product range at all SaSa outlets. 
For more information of the brand, please visit :
Instagram: @sasamalaysia

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