Catch the best tastes of the ocean at Nice Catch Pavilion KL

November 08, 2017

There are a lot of new restaurants coming in to Pavilion KL, Nice Catch is one of the newly addition to Pavilion Shopping Mall tend to garner a lot of the attention with its range of premium seafoods. 
 It is definitely a heaven for seafood lovers in Kuala Lumpur as Nice Catch is serving fusion and fresh taste sensations with their menu features a variety of seafoods from baby lobsters, grilled salmon to King crabs! 
This modern dining room space features a beautiful ceramic shoal fish chandelier adding a touch of elegance to the modern space.

Let's start my meal with all these seafood delicacy!
Wild Mushroom Crema RM 17
A velvety soup made with a medley of Shiitake, Eryngii, Button and Oyster mushrooms. Drizzled with fresh pesto oil and crispy Enoki for that extra bite. It is comforting soup i love to have especially after a long day, full of aroma complemented by nice texture of mushrooms. It's satisfying, creamy, and delicious.
Lobster Bisque  RM 23
It is a creamy and flavourful soup known for its rich flavor of king of the sea, comes with a decadent lobster tail and a unique umami twist of Japanese ebiko. This lobster bisque make a heavenly entrée as starter.
Savoury Fruit & Funghi Salad    RM 23
Chef would like to give a twist on traditionally salad ingredients. Crunchy crispy fried apple pairs wonderfully with earthy Eryngii and Oyster mushrooms for a unique salad, tossed with their in-house vinaigrette alongside fresh greens, cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds. 
Garden Crisp Salad    RM 17
Eat green with this Garden Crisp Salad mixed together with Oak Leaf lettuce, Swiss Chard, Mizuna, Red Coral lettuce and plump cherry tomatoes tossed in their piquant signature Grapefruit Dressing along with a generous sprinkling of sunflower seeds. It looks like a traditional garden salad but actually not, i like the spicy kick as there is some cilli padi hidden inside.
Golden Squid & Salsa    RM 27
This is my favourite light bites, flash-fried Korean squid with ginger and dried chillies over seasoned onion rings with crispy basil leaves, served with warm salsa sauce. I can't stop eating this because the squids were incredibly springy but tender! Such a perfect pairing for light beer.
Cheesy Lobster & Seafood Dip   RM 27
Cheese lover must go for this, a creamy dip of lobster, fish, squid, diced onions and carrots finished with a layer of baked Parmesan cheese, served with slices of Rosemary baguette perfect for dipping.
Melted cheese dripping all over the luscious lobster, i love the rosemary baguette to make this dip has that "kick" that will have you coming back for more and more! 
Spicy Poached Mussels    RM 17
Fresh and tender black mussels poached to perfection in a clear fragrant spicy lemongrass broth, served with slices of Parmesan baguette.
You are going to get messy when it comes to mains, forget the dress code, tie up your bib, and get down to smashing your Nice Catch’s Spicy Seafood Feast
An aromatic medley of seafood and vegetables slowly poached in a steaming pot of Nice Catch’s signature Hot and Spicy Lemongrass sauce inspired by the wonderful flavours of Southeast Asia, served with fluffy fried mantou perfect for dipping up every last drop of the sauce. Just choose your favourite seafood but price varies on seafood used.
2 Giant King Crab Legs (+/- 400 g) :  RM 159
We had our Canadian Lobster in giant pot, price for 
1 Whole Canadian Lobster (+/- 500 g) : RM159
Signature Hot and Spicy Lemongrass sauce impart a sharp, spicy flavour to the rich, it gives a hot sensation on the tongue right away and that’s so tasty! Take a fluffy fried mantou then dip it into the sauce, heavenly sinful as it lap up any remaining sauce like a sponge!
1 Whole French Crab (+/- 800 g) : RM 119
Classic Grilled Catch Of The Day 
Pick your choice of fish fillet (Grouper RM55, Norwegian Salmon RM55, Butter Fish RM35 and Sea Perch RM35) to go with freshly grilled succulent prawns, serve with fragrant salsa rice, plus a side of lightly sautéed zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Paired with either Mustard Dill or Ginger Soy sauce, just choose which your preferred. 
Salmon with Mustard Dill   RM 55
Norwegian salmon is so unbelievably soft and tender, it literally melts in my mouth!
Grilled Paprika Chicken   RM 30
Juicy chicken breast that’s been marinated for 24 hours, then grilled and basted with your choice of sauce (either Mustard Dill / Ginger Soy). Served with fragrant salsa rice plus sautéed zucchini and cherry tomatoes.
Crispy Battered Fish & Friends    RM 35 (Butter Fish)
Fish & chips always is my favourite! At Nice Catch, you can choose your fish from :
Grouper  RM55
Norwegian Salmon  RM55
Butter Fish  RM35
Sea Perch   RM35
So what we had is Butter Fish. Super-crispy at outside and and remarkably un-greasy at all while the fish and prawns remain juicy and tender! Served with aside of greens and signature Grapefruit Tartar.
Crunchy Cookies & Berry Parfait   RM 19
Lush pure vanilla soft serve and French mixed berry compote served with a side of chocolate chip cookie that is crunchy on the outside, but meltingly soft on the inside.
Overall, Nice Catch is worth to visit for those who like seafood fare with a twist. To give you the best tastes of the ocean but without break the bank, brings the delicate tastes of great seafood with a wide selection of premium seafood that are air-flown weekly.
Nice Catch
1.18.02 Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
168, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening hours: 11am -10pm
Tel : +603-2110 1387

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