IKEJIME fish dinner @ Wellcome Seafood Restaurant

October 17, 2016

Have you ever heard about 「Ikejime Fish」?
IKEJIME is a method of paralyzing fish to maintain the quality of its meat. The technique originated in Japan, reduce the growth of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) such as inosinic acid. Furthermore, the blood contained in the fish flesh retracts to the gut cavity, which produces a better coloured and flavoured fillet. This method is considered to be the fastest and most humane method of killing fish.
IKEJIME process suppresses the corruption by delaying the rigour mortis and able to maintain its freshness, also suppresses the fishy smell of the fish. 
It is easy to differentiate whether the fish is been process under IKEJIME or not, just check the fish bone, the fish is killing with Ikejime method if the fish bone has no blood.
I am fish lover, it is a must to have at least one fish in my dinner meal. I am pleased to enjoy this fresh exclusive fish which process under IKEJIME at Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, Sunway. 
Thanks to GST Group for the dinner invitation! FYI, GST Group proud to receive recognitions both globally and domestically, notably the EU certified( EU No.93). Friends of the Sea, BRC, HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, Halal Malaysia and SPLAM Certification. Under these standards, GST Group features product of retail and food service line, the fish fillets are trimmed and packaged either skinless or skin-on. And with a huge variety of fish to choose from, as well as size and quality grades, GST Group products are catered to fulfil the needs of various markets.
Our dinner is all about highly-rated fish. 
IKEJIME Fish Pearl Grouper and IKEJIME Fish Red Snapper are the main characters of the night, supplied by GST Group and prepared by chef of Wellcome Seafood Restaurant. 
Do you know these fishes are farmed locally in Pangkor Island? 
IKEJIME Fish Pearl Grouper Hot Pot  糖酢黑色龙虎斑
This delicious IKEJIME Fish Pearl Grouper Hot Pot is perfect for warming your belly on chilly evening.
As you can see, the beautiful glass-like fillets are totally free from blood stains or blemishes! ESuch a beautiful crystal pieces. 
Dip them a few times in the hot pot broth and in a few seconds they are done. 
The fish fillet is so silky smooth and tender, no fishy smell at all. It was heavenly delicious!!! 
 Claypot Braised IKEJIME Fish Pearl Grouper  
This is my favourite! Because of the Grouper is often so big, so chef decided to cooked in 2 style for each fish. Half of IKEJIME Fish Pearl Grouper serve as hot pot and another half fish prepared in claypot. It was so meaty and juicy, braised to perfection that yields a full flavour, along with bunches of the celery. Sauce of this dish is almost goodenough to stand on it's own mixed with plenty of rice. 

Crisp IKEJIME Red Snapper with Spicy and Sour Sauce 


Its skin delectably crunchy, with silky smooth meat inside. Topped with a tangy, spicy, sweet and sour sauce. The sauce taste like Asam but sweeter. 

Ginger Steamed IKEJIME Red Snapper    果皮姜丝蒸红枣鱼

Fruit peel and ginger add a kick to your taste buds. The fish is firm in texture and mildly sweet in flavor, very fresh and has a delicate taste.

Overall, an IKEJIME fish feast is a must-try especially to fish lovers. Addicted with their slightly sweet in flavour, moist, firm flesh with a cream-pale pink IKEJIME fishes. You should keep your experience in your journal of gastronomy.
Kindly make pre-order with Wellcome Seafood Restaurant or GST Group if you want to eat IKEJIME fish.
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