Wellcome Seafood Restaurant @ Sunway Mentari

September 08, 2016

Hey, calling all the seafood lovers!!!
Introducing a new seafood restaurant with quality and delicious food to you all! 
Wellcome Seafood Restaurant迎福轩海鲜饭店 is newly opened for a month in Sunway Mentari Park. The location is easy to spot as the restaurant outlook paint in yellow color with a red signboard.
Spacious, air-conditioned, simple decor like common seafood restaurant. If the foods is delicious, who cares on the decoration thingy? LOL! 

There are 2 rooms available for diners who wish to have comfort and private dining experience. 
Assorted Seafood 盘烤一品鲜     

Promotion Price: RM138 (Usual Price: RM188)
Looks familiar?? No~ this is not the gone viral seafood fried fish in silver pan at roadside. 
[Highly recommend] This is a dish which putting all assorted seafood including huge water prawns, big crabs, clams (lala), enoki mushroom, cherry tomatoes and squid over a bed of semi-clear broth heaped with vegetables, served on a silver pan. Estimated serving up to 8 pax. 
 The big crabs.
Bouncy and fresh huge water prawns.
Looks so scrumptiously! * saliva drooling *
I found the soup base taste a little sour and a tinge of spiciness, i have to mention that this Assorted Seafood (盘烤一品鲜) is not required for level of spiciness, so one pan can feed whole family from old to young, hahaha! The broth is so flavourful with a mixture of sweetness from the seafood, their seafood is so fresh that you can taste the flavour and experience the texture. 
Not forget the great sides such as enoki mushroom and clams, absorbing essence of soup while you enjoy the seafoods, awww~~~ soooo yummy!!! That's all???
NO! The best is yet to come! After we had a taste of the original broth, the staff come and pour the coconut water over the broth. As the coconut water has a neutral and sweet taste, the broth taste is wonderful to indulge, keep my taste buds and belly satisfied.
Chef Speciality Lobster Fried Rice 招牌加拿大龙虾捞饭
Promotion Price: RM128 (Usual Price: RM188)
[Highly recommend] This Lobster Fried Rice is too tasty and not greasy or too heavy. Smell the fragrant from the fried rice which perfectly fried with bits of eggs, slice of lobsters and garnish with fried onions on top. You won't be able to stop drooling over this succulent sweet lobster! This dish is picture worthy and delish. =)
Fried Assorted Vegetable with Lotus Roots  脆口鸳鸯藕   RM20

Nice presentation and fresh assorted vegetable, garnish with some crispy fried lotus roots. Worth it because it is only cost 20 bucks.
Fried Crispy Pork Belly with Winter Melon 辣汁凉瓜脆花腩     RM28

Hmm... i don't take pork, so normally i'll ask if the dish looks like/ exactly is pork dish before i eat. The staff told me this is ostrich meat, so i eat it and the texture of meat is amazingly crisp and crunch, marinated with spices that makes dishes more appealing and appetising. Until now, yes... few second ago i found out this dish actually is pork belly. ==!
[Highly recommend]Frankly speaking, this is delicious! hahaha...
Braised Spare Ribs 红烧三寸骨 RM35
Look at the layers of pork belly and the beautiful color sauce. 
*hey, go take tissue wipe your saliva ok!*
Melt in the mouth pork belly served together with the fried buns.
Fried Yee Mee With Water Prawns and Tuffle 黑松露生虾伊面    RM95 
[Highly recommend]If without prawns and truffle, this looks like a very common fried yee mee but you are wrong. The yee mee was coated with salted egg yolk, smell so good! When i eat the yee mee, i found out some "wok hei" 锅气 which is a powerful combination that is often taken for granted! Topped with succulent water prawns and glaze some truffle on top, it suddenly become a luxury dish. 
Please take note : water prawn price is RM15.50/ 100gram.

To celebrate their new opening, a lot of promotions launch for diners and definitely is a great deals! 

[ September Promotion ]
Sweet & Sour Crab – 2 for RM28 ONLY!!! OMGGGG!!! 
If you’re a seafood lover, If you doubt me (very straightforward haha!), you can try their September promotion first. Anyway, personally i think Wellcome Seafood Restaurant is a nice seafood restaurant with reasonable price, not burn a big hole in your pocket. 

Wellcome Seafood Restaurant

No.15-1, Jalan PJS8/5, Sunway Mentari Park
46150, Petaling Jaya
Tel : +603- 5631 3064
Operations Hours:
Mon- Sun: 10am- 12am

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